Tips for Travelers who come to Cuba

ByPhilipe Torres Cobas

Tips for Travelers who come to Cuba

Indispensable for Travelers!

They can´t miss in luggage your travel documents, a camera and a swimsuit. To Cuba, you can´t come without a swimsuit!


In general the weather in Cuba is hot and humid most of the time, so bring cool and light clothing items. Perhaps in Cuba you need a light jacket because you will often find air-conditioned places. Cubans are used to that, but it might bother tourists.



The sun in Cuba is particularly strong, so a (+50) sun-protection lotion will be essential. On the other hand, if you are planning to visit some rural areas, near the coast or where there is abundant vegetation, it will be very useful to bring insect repellents.




Say good bye to your regular contacts and let them know you will be away some days on vacation. When you come to Cuba, you should be aware of the fact you will be off line for a few days. Internet service in Cuba is expensive and not fast at all, so you’d better postpone all your internet stuff for your return.

 Be Alert

Probably, in Cuba will be an encounter with some tourist hustlers, who are known in Cuba as “Jineteros”. Those people (Men and women) will make you believe they have the best deals on restaurants, transportation, accommodation, and tours, etc. Day after day, their main occupation is to persuade foreigners to accept their offers and most of the time those who are persuaded have ended up being swindled.




The best thing to do in these cases is not to pay attention to these offers because they are not really more economical. Prices for foreigners in Cuba are pretty standardized. The cases of services and items that are significantly more economical are because they are illegal.

 Help us to develop a responsibe tourism


Refuse any of these offers from the very beginning and avoid any conversation with them, otherwise they will go on insisting by appealing to numberless arguments.



Trust the choices you have made via the internet, or the ones you made after having read the experiences of other travellers, or after having consulted Cuba travel guides.


Do not risk the peace and quietness of your trip

One more thing you should be aware of is money exchange. Never do that in the street. There are many state-run places called “Cadeca” (Exchange bureaus) where you can change your currency into CUC (Cuban Convertible Currency), or you can also do it at any bank.



And finally, one last important warning that has to do with water. The weather in Cuba is very humid. So it is important that you keep your body hydrated, but drink preferably bottled water, which is the safest thing to do in order to take care of your health.




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