Pinar del Rio is wonderful.

ByPhilipe Torres Cobas

Pinar del Rio is wonderful.

pinar del rio

Few scenarios are as beautiful as Pinar del Rio. That was my next stop on the tour of Cuba. In the most western province, we will find two World Biosphere Reserves, the best tobacco in the world and the Viñales Valley, a cultural jewel of humanity. Also, we can enjoy the beautiful Orchid of Soroa and its incredible waterfalls.

I live great experiences in Pinar del Rio, Viñales and Soroa

My stay at Villa El Coral in Viñales was very pleasant. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. With a traditional lifestyle and the natural Cuban cuisine i spent a wonderful days. I sat down to smoke a Cuban cigar in a relaxed manner while i watched the sunset and the children climbed the tree of the yard. The hostess arranged all the details for dinner, a deliciuos plate of black beans .

The next day, I visit the Cave of Santo Tomas, a paradise for those of us who love speleology.  I made a tour with horses. I was tempted in several times to ride oxen carts, but I decided to leave that for my return. Also I walked by small threshing path in the hills and forests of the place. The road is a part in the shade and suddenly we look out to natural viewpoints that will leave us astonished to see more. The most representative of the species of the local flora and fauna, many of them endemic, is observed in this route. In the excursion, valley and mountain are mixed, a bit of everything

In those days I could breathe fresh air, enjoy the Mural of Prehistory in the Valley of Dos Hermanas and refresh myself in the natural pool of the Cave of Palmarito. I will never forget the gigantic mogotes surround the beautiful valley with its red earth and its majestic palms. A view of the sea almost impossible to see from other places. In the excursion, valley and mountain are mixed, a bit of everything. I adored it!


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