Cienfuegos, the Pearl of the Caribbean Sea

ByPhilipe Torres Cobas

Cienfuegos, the Pearl of the Caribbean Sea

Last year I set myself the goal of traveling to cities with a smell of salt like. I tried to balance my destinies but I must confess that the Islands are still my favorites. There are several experiences to tell and love. But being honest, my last adventure in Cienfuegos, Cuba stands out on many others. Despite the smallness of its territory, this city is rich in attractions, so much that my stay was from two days to a week. First at all you may know some tips and then all will be fine.

Cienfuegos: City, Nature and Beach

My plan was to visit its urban center, Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Its fundamentally eclectic architecture left me delighted. Although there are no high-rise buildings, the city has riches of styles that go from the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In the roof of the Hotel Union I could see a modern city while taking pictures and tasting delicious tropical drinks. The Tomás Terry Theater monopolized my attention, especially for its acoustics and the structure of its stage. That is why I returned at night to delight my ears and my spirit with the programmed function.

In advance, I had agreed to travel by boat across Cienfuegos Bay. It was a short trip but very relaxing and full of stories told by the captain. When we arrived at the Castle of Our Lady of the Angels of Jagua, I felt that I was returning to eighteenth-century Spain, it was a true journey into the past of a military history that I did not know in part. Remarkable:  sight of the entrance of the Bay and marine dishes prepared by the women of the fishermen of the area. Back in the city, my friend the boatman allowed me to drive the boat, wow, that was amazing.

It was late afternoon and I was stranded on the boardwalk to observe the best sunset I’ve seen in dozens of trips. You simply get lost in that line of the horizon with reddish nuances and surrounded by an intoxicating breeze.

Later, while chatting with my hosts, I delved deeper into the different attractions of the area and planned my itinerary. I readjusted all my schedules because I could not waste the natural charms of the surroundings of the city. I recommend especially: La Laguna de Guanaroca (path and boat ride), Rancho Luna Beach and the Nicho Waterfalls.

There are many more experiences to tell, but those I leave to you to discover them for yourselves and then you can share it with me.



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